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LIVIN' IN THE PAST CD - (Extended booklet)

Artysta: Scream Maker

35.00 zł

Scream Maker's debut album recorded in Hearstudio and mixed&mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio. Released in 2014 by Perris Records. The album features Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater and Wojciech Hoffmann of Turbo. The artwork designed by Roslaw Szaybo. The price covers the shipment in Poland. For shipment abroad please contact us at

01 Intro - composed and recorded by Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)

02 In The Nest of Serpents

03 Glory for the Fools (feat Wojciech Hoffmann)

04 Livin' in the Past

05 Fever

06 All my Life

07 Angel

08 Spacestone

09 Stand Together (feat, Jordan Rudess)

10 Confessions

11 Never Say Never

12 Metalheads